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Opening up our new flagship store I was super excited and could not wait to get started. The fit outs were taking shape and I was helping where i could. I like to think of myself as a bit of a carpenter (ha) so I decided I was going to lay the floating floorboards to help out. It wasn't until I would get up quickly from laying them that i would get really dizzy. This is not normal for me and I knew something wasn't right. I mentioned this to my mum and she immediately asked when my period was due. It wasn't due for a couple of days but I thought I might just take a pregnancy test anyway. It came back Negative. So I continued on with trying to get the shop ready for opening night which was only a week away. 


Opening night came and went. It was a huge success. I could not have imagined it any different. Family and friends came to celebrate with wine and champagne. It was loads of fun! The following week I was super tired and feel asleep on the lounge. Didn't think much of it, I just thought it was my body telling me to slow down after a hectic couple of weeks! My period was late but this happens regularly to me and I'm not very good at keeping track of when its due. But I thought I might just do a second test just to be safe! 


It was a wednesday morning and I was working in the store this day. I went to Woolworths on the way to work and picked up another Prgenancy test. If you have taken a test before you will know the butterfly feeling you get before taking the test. But I didn't have any. HMM strange! I got to the shop and went to the bathroom and did the test. Within seconds TWO LINES APPEARED! Umm excuse me what!!!!!!! Yes it was positive! I called my partner straight away to tell him the news! This was not something that we had planned to happen so quickly. In the future yes but not right now. I didn't know how he was going to react as I was FREAKING OUT! He answered and I said "Hi bub, I'm pregnant" and replied with "hang on I can't hear you ill call you back." and hung up! What!!!!!!!!! that did not just happen!!  2 minutes later he calls me back!  Let me tell you, It was the longest 2 minutes of my life. 


I answered and he said "Did I just hear what i think i heard? Your pregnant?"   I said "yes". He could not be happier! "Thats so awesome I can't wait! we are going to be great parents!" I burst into tears and start freaking out that we have just opened a shop and still live at home and how are we going to do this. We are still so young. Hello pregnancy hormones! And all he had to say to me was "Bub we can do this. Its going to be amazing!" After that moment i thought to myself yep we can do this and how amazing to have such a supportive partner. 


I went to my doctors just to make sure I was 100% pregnant and all the test results came back Positive! Yes Im PREGNANT!! A feeling of joy and happiness came over me and all my freaking out went out the door! Not to say at some stage it hasn't come back thought. We told both our parents and siblings straight away. They all could not have been happier with the news. We decided to be on the safe side and not tell anyone else until I was 13 weeks which was the hardest thing to do but luckily I didn't start showing until I was 18 weeks so that made it a bit easier to keep it a secret! 


As soon as I found out I was pregnant its like the morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks. I was lucky enough not to vomit but I felt like I had a hangover 24/7 without the joys of a few wines. No fun!  I consider myself a bit of a health freak and love my veges but no my body had different plans. The taste and site of some veges made me want to vomit and super nauseas. All i wanted was carbs, carbs, and more carbs. If my body wanted carbs then thats what its going to get. I continued to do my daily exercise of weights and running with a little bit of walking, which helped me get my energy levels up. When I was 9 weeks I was asked to dance on X factor top 12 routine and I couldnt tell my agent I was pregnant just yet because it was too early so i accepted the offer! It was quiet funny because the topic of conversation at rehearsals was babies and marriage. With the question to me to when do i think ill have a baby?! I was trying so hard not to react or give it away that I actually was pregnant so I would just reply with "oh maybe soon I'm not really sure" haha!! It was so much fun that I'm glad I didn't turn it down and now I can tell Bub that you were on Tv in mummies tummy. It wasn't until I hit 15 weeks that i felt normal and human again. Woohoo!


When we decided it was time to tell extended family and friends they were all so happy and shocked! The first question we got asked a lot was if we were finding out the sex of the baby. I've always said no I don't want to know because I feel like its knowing all your christmas presents at christmas time which to me doesn't feel like christmas anymore and I love surprises. I completely understand why some people do find out so they can get everything they need to before the bub comes. I know how hard it is choosing a cot, pram, clothes etc without knowing.  Lets just say Im not a pink for girls and blue for boys kind of person as you could propably tell. My partner and I discussed it and both decided we didn't want to find out. Surprise it is! 


My second trimester has been amazing and feeling really good. The bub started to kick at about 18 - 19 weeks. I could only feel the kicks and a few family members felt it also, and It wasn't until around 21 weeks when I was lying on the beach in Noosa that bub was loving the sun and decided to have a dance party! Legs and arms coming out everywhere and it hasn't stopped being very active since. I think my bub will grow up to be a boxer or a dancer someday. Im still quiet small for how far along I am and I have tried to be super healthy for both bub and I, eating right and working out still, much to my partners concern Im over doing it. I think he would just like me to sit on the lounge all day. Not happening! Ive got a business to run haha!


Im now 27 weeks pregnant and can not wait to meet out little Bubba! Stay tuned for whats to come!



Love always 





  • Chantelle on

    Loved reading this Al! Very exciting for you both!

    Lots of love always,

    Chan xo

  • Toni Benjamin on

    Oh Ally, what a beautiful story. I can’t wait to meet baby Toni/Tony(just a suggestion)
    Stay well.sending you love.Aunty Toni XxX

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